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Hydraulic System Failure: Common Causes and How to Avoid It

Drums of Mobil lubricant stacked on top of each other.

When the hydraulics fail in any of your machinery, it can hurt your business and jeopardize the safety of your employees.

Common reasons for hydraulic system failures include:

  • Old or contaminated hydraulic fluid. Bad fluid can cause damage to various hydraulic components, including valves and pumps. Make sure you’re using high-quality hydraulic fluid and implementing filtration methods to keep those fluids in good working order.
  • Air bubbles. When they get trapped in hydraulic fluid, air bubbles can cause overheating and result in hydraulic pump damage.
  • Bad connections. When fittings aren’t installed correctly, the entire hose can blow off, potentially damaging the entire system.
  • Too much pressure. Improper pressure can wear down the components and internals of hydraulic systems.

Maintain Hydraulic Systems with Exxon-Mobil Fluids

Tilley Company recommends nothing but the best for your commercial fleets, which is why we’re a top supplier of Mobil™ hydraulic fluids, including:

Heavy-Duty Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Heavy-Duty Mobil Hydraulic Systems

To ensure your commercial fleet stays up and running, it’s critical to use the best hydraulic fluids and to monitor fluid conditions. Tilley Company’s Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis can reduce hydraulic failures and help keep your operations humming.

Maintenance With Tilley Company

It’s important to have a lubricant supplier that’s committed to sourcing you with top-quality products and delivering them on time. Tilley Company understands the ins and outs of major distribution companies and can keep your equipment running at peak performance. Contact Tilley today.