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Food Ingredient Functionality Options to Provide More Solutions 

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Food Ingredient Functionality Options to Provide More Solutions 

From creating new food and beverage options to filling gaps created by ongoing supply chain challenges, our expanded food ingredient functionality and growing beverage ingredients list offer more solutions that better meet the diverse needs of a food industry that has always relied on innovation to drive change.

Our recent acquisition of Ingredients Solutions, Inc. has allowed us to bring their industry-leading catalog of specialty hydrocolloids and other products that put Tilley Company in a position to better serve our customers. More and more, we see our products as solutions that help our industry create and grow. These are just a few of the exciting new or expanded offerings we have available to help your company do just that.

Carrageenan Products in the Food Industry

There are myriad of uses for carrageenan in applications. Kappa and iota carrageenan form gels that are thermally reversible. Combining these two grades of carrageenan with the different proteins found in soy, milk, and other protein-rich foods allows for the opportunity to adjust and fine-tune gel consistency. Carrageenan products are used across product lines listed below and many more!

  • Dairy beverages, cheeses, and sauces
  • Desserts and pastries – icings and fruit fillings
  • Plant based and vegan alternatives – soy, almond, and oat based products
  • Meats, alternative meats, seafood

Alginate in the Food Industry

Alginate was initially viewed exclusively as an additive in the food industry and valued for its diverse applications. This ingredient has been an effective gelling, thickening, and stabilizing agent, as well as emulsification. The need for softer, more pliable gels and even encapsulation (similar to boba pearls) is a sweet spot for alginates.  From a sustainability perspective, it is also considered non-toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible. Alginate has also expanded outside the food industry, serving as a preferred biomaterial in hydrogels and wound dressings as well as a drug coating in the pharmaceutical world. This gives manufacturers a particular advantage over existing capsule materials, which have historically been restricted to either gelatin or lactose.

Food Grade Gellan Gum

We’re very excited about the potential surrounding Gellan gum. This ingredient’s versatility makes it an excellent solution in a variety of foods and beverages especially with manufacturers looking to innovate with gelling agents and texture enhancement.  Often relied on as a substitute for gelatin, it has also found its own unique/significant role in the expanding plant milk market. Gellan is regularly used in the production of candy, jams, and some meat applications.  We are excited to showcase the ingredient as an effective/premium stabilizer and emulsifier that can function as a suspension aid for insoluble ingredients, nutrients, and proteins for even distribution throughout liquid applications. For our customers, having JIT delivery and competitive pricing on Gellan gum means meeting the needs of an industry with surging demand in plant-based foods, a segment that natural products like Gellan gum are positioned to help new and existing product lines thrive.

Meet Challenges with Solutions with Tilley

These new catalog additions provide our customers with more options in crafting the highest quality products with the very best ingredients. With GMO, vegan, kosher, and halal certification available, a wide network of distribution and warehousing, plus top-notch customer support, we’re delivering our customers more ways to create world-class products in new ways. Let’s tackle these challenges together. Talk to a Tilley representative today.