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Tilley Shows Commitment to Chesapeake Bay Watershed with Expanded Retention Pond

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A retention pond at the Tilley Company headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tilley Company is not only committed to the clients it serves—it also strives to be a steward of the environment. That commitment was evident before the new year when construction was completed on an expansion of a 12,000-cubic-foot stormwater treatment pond that reduces the amount of sediment in the stormwater that drains into the Chesapeake Bay.

Sediment, including sand, silt, and clay, is a natural part of the Chesapeake Bay, but too much can cloud the water and harm aquatic life. For example, sediment can bind with nutrients and chemical contaminants, which fish could consume, potentially triggering fish consumption advisories.

Tilley could have simply expanded the pond to meet State of Maryland Bay Restoration requirements, but the company went above and beyond by also building a sediment forebay, which increases the time and distance sediment travels through the pond before discharge. In other words, more sediment stays in Tilley’s pond instead of traveling to into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

“Many of our employees live on or near the Chesapeake Bay, and even more enjoy the Bay and the lifestyle it provides,” said Sean Tilley, company president. “We want to continue being great stewards of this incredible body of water and its surrounding environment.”

The treatment basin expansion is only one of many steps Tilley takes in helping the environment. As a distributor of chemicals and ingredients, the company runs a “Zero Discharge Operation,” which means all discharges from operations are captured and treated offsite.

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